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Quality is Important!        Why have a safe that is not safe?
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  • Need to safely store your money, jewellery, backup data, legal documents, valuables or memorabilia from theft and fire?
  • Need a safe in your office to securely store your takings before you bank it?
  • Seeking a legally compliant secure filing cabinet for your client's files in your practice?

Many places sell safes but few will know as much as we do, so before you buy a cheap safe, come talk to our safe experts about your requirements and we can show you the features you should consider so you can make an informed decision for the best solution.

See how a cheap safe can be easily opened with a simple potato:

Harry Armstrong Locksmiths have all types of safes and document storage solutions including fire resistant safes, certified safes, deposit safes for shops, police approved gun safes and legally compliant filing cabinets for the office, key cabinets for car dealers and Real Estate agents. We can advise you on the best type of safes to suit your particular needs, whether you are looking for a safe for home; or a cash / jewellery safe for storing large amounts of valuables; or a data safe for document / media storage.

Call our friendly staff for advice or a quote for your specific requirements.


  • Deposit safes
  • Fire resistant safes (FP Range) - from $350
  • Theft resistant safes (BF Range) - from $1,150
  • Certified Money Value safes
  • Gun safes: police approved for pistols and rifles
  • Fireproof filing cabinets
  • Key cabinets
  • Change room lockers, school lockers


  • Installation
  • Delivery
  • Relocation
  • Change of combination
  • Re-keying
  • All types of repair
  • Safe opening - due to lost key or damage

Benefits of Our Range and Services

  • It is very easy to change the combination of our modern safes.
  • The batteries on our safes can be changed from the outside at any time and the safe will beep when the batteries are low.
  • The correct combination is held in memory until the battery is replaced and can only be changed when the correct combination is entered.
  • We open and repair safes in all types of conditions. If the door is too badly damaged for repair, we can usually replace the door after we open it.
  • Our fire resistant safes are fire rated for between 0.5hr to 1hr of protection.
  • We can service your safe every 3-4 years to ensure it keeps working correctly.

Why Choose Harry Armstrong for Safes?

  • You won't be left stranded without support: Unlike many safe sellers, we are one of the few suppliers in Perth who are also licensed to install and service safes. We can install your new safe to the correct specifications and should your safe be damaged say by fire or burglary, we are licensed to open and repair it.
  • We are centrally located in the city for your convenience.
  • All our safes are motor-driven (and not cheap solenoid safes that are easy to open)

Other Reasons to Choose Harry Armstrong:

  • Peace of Mind with Certified Money Value Safes: Many of our safes are insured for a money value for the lifetime of the safe.
  • Guardall Service Agent: We are one of the few service agents for Guardall safes in Western Australia.
  • We install safes and can install it to police firearm specifications.
  • We have mobile safe technicians for prompt service and guaranteed satisfaction on completion.
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