Guardall Drug Safes - Perth WA

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The Guardall range of Drug Safes complies with all current Australian Health Department rules, making Guardall Drug Safes suitable for us in all states and territories.

All Guardall Drug Safes are fitted with German made six lever pick resistant lock to ensure compliance to strict rules for storing drugs. The safes can also be ordered with an electronic digital lock for ease of use and audit trial of whom and when the safe was accessed.

Guardall Drug Safes come with pre drilled anchot holes in the rear and base, adjustable shelves and high quality durable paint for years of hard wear and tear. With 8 different sizes to choose from, there is one for every business.

Guardall DSK1 Drug Safe Guardall DSK1300 Drug Safe Guardall DSK2 Drug Safe Guardall DSK2300 Drug Safe Guardall DSK3 Drug Safe Guardall DSK4 Drug Safe Guardall DSK5 Drug Safe

Guardall Drug Safe Measurements

Please Note: Depth measurement does not include the handle, keypad or hinges. Please allow 50MM.

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