FAQ - Most asked questions for safes

  1. Q - What size safe should I purchase?
    A - The biggest you can afford, that way you can protect your valuables and precious memories.
  2. Q - Is it worth getting a fire rated safe?
    A - Yes, as most quality safes have a fire rating and an insurance rating. So if you are spending money on buying a safe it is worth buying a quality one.
  3. Q - Where should I install the safe?
    A - The best place is some convenient and somewhere where it is able to be secured - convince ensures that you will use it and bolting it down ensures the safe is not stolen (yes this happens)
  4. Q - What is the best type of locking system for my safe - dial, keypad or key?
    A - We recommend the push-button type as it can be reset anytime and it is similar to remembering a credit card pin number. Dial safes are much more difficult to use and key safes require the keys to be kept in a safe location.
  5. Q - Do I have to bolt my safe down?
    A - Yes, we have had customers purchase safes from other suppliers which didnít bolt the safe down and the safe was then stolen.
  6. Q - Do I need a separate ammunition safe from my gun or pistol?
    A - Yes it is part of the legal requirements for owning a gun or pistol
  7. Q - Do you install safes?
    A - Yes we install safes
  8. Q - Do you remove old safes?
    A - Yes we can organise the removal of existing safes
  9. Q - Can you service safes?
    A - Yes we can service all types of safes - safes in general should be serviced annually
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