Commercial Locksmiths Perth WA

Harry Armstrong Locksmiths are trusted by some of Perth's largest businesses, government departments and schools. We deliver benchmark security solutions for corporate, commercial and small business operations, and unrivalled experience in major master keying projects.

We service:
-Government departments
-Corporate HQ/Offices
-Shopping complexes
- Schools, colleges and universities
- Sporting and social clubs / venues
- Warehouses and factories
- Hotels and motels

Harry Armstrong Locksmiths always remain one step ahead of their competition. They design and install cutting-edge security solutions customised for your company using products from a range carefully selected for its quality, durability and cosmetic look.

Master Key and Restricted Key Systems

Harry Armstrong has their own individual Master Key system with added security of signatory only key cutting facilities to ensure total key protection.

Safes for Corporate, Commercial & Small Businesses

We offer a wide range of safes for storage of any value property from cash to important data files. Please visit our shop for a closer look at our range.

Door Hardware

Harry Armstrong supply and install a full range of door furniture available in stylish knob, lever and plate designs.


Padlocks are an easy and inexpensive way to restrict access and secure property in all areas inside and outside.

Prominent Buildings Perth

Dale Alcock
LJ Hooker
Trinity College

Security Alert!

Did you know that the patent on your security keys may be about to run out? If this happens it means that anyone can get a key duplicated with out your permission or without the High Security Registration Card.
Many of these expired recently: call or email us now to see if your security is safe or not. This is important.

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